Center for the Promotion of Global Education


2015年3月号 国際文化学部 K.A




Web course について-

UEFには日本の大学にはないWeb courseという、その名の通りWeb上のみで行われるコースがあります。期間は1ヶ月程度で、3~5つの指定課題を期間内でこなす形式です。課題内容は、自分の意見を述べるものや他の学生とディスカッションを行うもの、関連資料を読みエッセイを書くものがあります。


Web courseの課題例

・Find an academic article that discusses some aspect of cultural multiplicity in your own professional field. Then write an article review 5-8 pages in essay form following the step below; summarize and write a commentary. (Cultural multiplicity)

・Think about your future profession: what kind of and how ethical issues related to interculture you will confront in your professional life? Choose one or two of them, define the issue, argue its significance and topicality, and explore the issue based on ethical literature, theories, principles or standards. Back up your arguements with a correctly cited and credited references. Write an essay of 3-4 pages. (Ethics in intercultural interaction)